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Photographic Tour


Hi, my name is Emiliano, I was born and raised in Rome, I’m a freelance photographer and I have been taking photographic tours around the city since 2008. So you can be sure I know the best places to photograph, the more interesting vantage points to photograph from and the small winding streets, churches, nooks and secret places that are as much a part of the eternal city.
Then come with me on a Photographing Rome photo tour if you want to improve your photography skills and sharpen your photographic vision. Tours are open beginners, amateurs, semi- pros and professionals who are looking to get something special out of their photography here in Europe’s most historic city. Discover Rome’s fascinating monuments as well as the hidden places. I offer you private or small group (max 6 people) tour. You can select from one afternoon to three days, the choice is yours. I’m completely flexible and willing to customize a tour to meet your objectives.
Let Rome be the perfect stage to take your photography to new heights and get the most out of your visit in the Eternal City. Take home wonderful photos of Rome.


  • Private or small group (max 6 people)

  • Completely customizable

  • Beginners, amateurs, semi-pros and professionals

  • Highly qualified freelance photographer guide

  • Discover the best places to photograph and the more interesting vantage points to photograph from

  • Improve your photography skills

  • In Italian or English

  • Take home wonderful photos of Rome

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