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Home Restaurant & Show Cooking


Ciao, my name is Lucilla. I was born in Rome in 1980 and I live in the Vatican neighborhood: I have travelled a lot for work and pleasure (I’m a backpacker!), but I always want to come back to my beautiful city! I have a PhD in underwater acoustics, but I’ve also always had a passion for cooking. I first learnt to cook by watching my grandmother and this eventually led me to pursue a Sous Chef diploma. I cook on every possible occasion for friends, family and my B&B guests, often using products I cultivate in my garden with love.
This is a great opportunity for you to experience authentic Roman cuisine respecting tradition, learn how to prepare Roman dishes, discover recipe secrets, cook and enjoy the meal you have prepared, drink a great glass of local wine, or just relax and eat “at home” and have a good laugh at the same time.
The experience usually starts at the Campo dei Fiori market choosing fresh ingredients that we will use to cook the meal. Then we’ll meet again in the evening to start the show!
I hope you will join me soon in my home restaurant: it is always a pleasure to share tradition and food!


  • Experience authentic Roman cuisine

  • Learn how to prepare Roman dishes

  • Discover recipe secrets

  • Cook and taste Roman dishes you have prepared

  • Genuine products using ingredients from our family garden

  • Eat in a Roman house

  • Sip a great glass of local wine

  • Friendly atmosphere

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