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Bike Tour


Hi, my name is Emiliano, I’m an expert cyclist and I decided to organize bike tours because in my opinion bicycles are the ideal mean of transportation in Rome!
By bike, in fact, you can enter pedestrian areas and limited traffic areas, which constitute 50% of Rome’s center, avoid the traffic of Rome and discover a whole variety of alternative roads, alleys and squares that represent the typical Roman atmosphere and explore the extraordinary historical-archaeological urban area.

I offer you guided bike tours with top quality bicycles in small groups up to 8 participants. I have carefully mapped out the best bike-friendly routes in order to avoid traffic and created unique bike tours around them. I share amazing stories and background information about Rome during tours. With me cycling in Rome becomes the best way to uncover the story of Rome, see famous historical sites and experience the authentic Roman atmosphere.

I will be more than happy to make adjustments to the tour based on the level of the participants, preferences and needs. This will ensure you and your group to get the most of out the bike tour. You will leave this exclusive private bike tour packed with great tips for the rest of your stay in Rome!


  • Private or small group (max 8 people)

  • Popular site or unusual off the beaten tracks

  • Completely customizable

  • Expert cyclist and highly qualified guide in Italian and English

  • The best bike-friendly routes

  • Ideal for friends or families, beginners or experts

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